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Hardwood floors not only look stylish but are also long-lasting. Additionally, hardwood is easy to maintain, which makes it the preferred choice for homes with kids and pets. Hardwood does not trap dust, which means people with allergies don’t have to think twice about getting near to areas with this kind of flooring. When choosing hardwood flooring in Dunwoody, you will have several options. Over the years, flooring companies have started offering different types of hardwood. Following are some of the top hardwood flooring options used by remodeling contractors in Atlanta to bring dull and uninspiring areas to life.

  1. Unfinished and Finished Hardwood

One of the main benefits of using unfinished hardwood is that you can apply a custom coating before the final finish. Once the flooring is installed and stained, several coats of protective finishing are applied. Unfinished hardwood is finished in a way that it seals the seam between boards, preventing water from seeping in. Due to this property, unfinished hardwood is used extensively in kitchens. Prefinished hardwood floors are sanded and sealed in factories, which helps avoid inconvenience (odors and VOCs) that is associated with on-site finishing. Once the floor is installed, it is ready to be walked on immediately.

  1. Solid and Engineered Hardwood

Solid hardwood consists of 100 percent wood and can be sanded and refinished several times. The major downside to using solid hardwood is that it is highly susceptible to humidity, making it a poor choice for below-grade basements. Engineered hardwood, on the other hand, includes layers. While the top and bottom layer are 100 percent wood, the middle layer includes 5-7 layers of plywood. The unique structure gives engineered wood excellent stability, making it an excellent choice for any area in your home. Engineered wood, however, cannot be sanded and refinished multiple times.

  1. Species of Hardwood

Look for hardwood made with species that are readily available and very hard. Some choices to consider are oak, bamboo, cherry, and maple. If budget is not a constraint, opt for high-end species such as teak and mesquite.

These are some hardwood floor options. If you are struggling to figure out which option best suits your layout, 1st Choice Remodel would be happy to help. To discuss your hardwood floor refinishing project in Atlanta, call at 678.640.2272. To give feedback, fill out our contact form.

Remodeling a small kitchen is no child’s play. Kitchen remodeling contractors in Atlanta working on small kitchen renovation projects need to come up with ideas that not only help save space but also improve the kitchen’s aesthetic. Whether you are a kitchen remodeler in Atlanta or a homeowner working on a small kitchen remodeling project, follow the below time tested remodeling tips to transform any ordinary, small kitchen into a dream kitchen.

1. Use Only Necessary Appliances and Items

Using more appliances than needed not only prevents you from making the best use of the available space, but also lends a cluttered look to the area. When deciding which appliances you do not need, focus on function, thinking strictly from a utility point of view. Replace conventional appliances with their innovative counterparts such as pint-sized microwaves and stoves with fewer burners. Look for small-scale islands and counter-topped carts that can be rolled away when not in use.

2. Pay Attention to Lighting

When choosing lighting for your kitchen, maintain a balance between task and atmospheric lighting. To make your area seem bigger, install incandescent lighting underneath your upper cabinets. To enhance the area’s visual appeal, use lighting in flooring. Use lighting that glows like starlight up from the floor. You can also install lighting at your base cabinetry.

3. Use Colors to Create Magic

To make your kitchen seem bigger, color your walls, appliances, and counters in pastel or light colors that reflect light, making the room seem taller. If you want to experiment, use bold colorations that are known to transform boring spaces into inspiring areas.

Follow these tips when renovating your small kitchen. Whether you have a simple renovation job or are working on a complex project, remember to consult a expert. 1st Choice Remodel ATL offers a range of kitchen remodeling services in Atlanta. If you have a problem, we will have a solution. To talk to our remodeling experts, call at 678.640.2272. To leave us a line, fill out our contact form.

Your bathroom is one of the most important areas in your home. For many of us, taking a shower in our bathroom first thing in the morning is a rule carved in stone. Many others prefer ending their day by taking a hot shower to wash off their stress and anxiety. As a property owner, remodeling your bathroom must top your priority list. An inspiring bathroom is loved by one and all and can be your ticket to demand a higher rent. If you are looking for a bathroom remodeling expert in Brookhaven, all roads lead to 1st Choice Remodel ATL. We are a leading remodeling expert with years of experience of transforming dull spaces into inspiring areas. Remodeling your bathroom can be an exciting prospect; however, every bathroom remodeling project in Dunwoody also comes with a set of challenges. To help you achieve your remodeling goals, we in this post, take a look at some mistakes you must steer clear of when renovating your bathroom. Read on.

1. Failing to Account for Ventilation

When working on a bathroom remodeling project in Sandy Springs, many renovators focus overly on aesthetics, often ignoring important aspects such as ventilation. Moisture levels are typically high in bathrooms, which is why accounting for proper ventilation must top your priority list when remodeling the area. To improve ventilation in your bathroom, opt for a fan with timer. Make sure there is enough space between the floor and the door. Install a passive vent that connects to the ductwork. Consider insulating your floor and exterior wall.

2. Failing to Plan Layout Properly

When remodeling a bathroom, failing to plan layout well in advance and according to your needs is a recipe for disaster. To avoid layout issues, leave enough space between the toilet flange and the wall. Be careful when choosing a centerpiece and plan to ensure there is enough space for foot traffic around the shower.

3. Ignoring Lighting

Proper lighting enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom transforming it into an inspiring area. To improve lighting in the area, use pot lights in your shower. Use one or more wall sconces to illuminate your vanity mirror. For a soothing ambiance, use task lights in powder rooms. If your bathroom has a tall ceiling, consider using ambient lighting along the perimeter of the space.

4. Failing to add Storage

To enhance your bathroom’s storage space, use ready-made storage units that are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Install a corner cabinet that can be used to store toiletries. Use a coat tree to store bathrobes and towels.


When working on a bathroom remodeling project, watch out for these mistakes. Get a professional with years of experience by your side. If you’re in Atlanta, 1st Choice Remodel ATL would be happy to help. We are experts at transforming ideas into workable solutions.

To talk to our remodeling experts, call at 678.640.2272. Alternatively, fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you to assess your requirement.

Tiles are one of the most noticeable things about your kitchen. Shining and colorful tiles add to a kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, helping you earn accolades from your guests. Tiles are subjected to abuse on a regular basis. Smoke from the stove and dirt and grime rob tiles of their natural luster and shine. When remodeling your kitchen, replacing the tiles must top your agenda list. A kitchen remodeling project in Decatur is incomplete without replacing tiles. To ensure everything goes according to the plan, you must look for a kitchen remodeling contractor in Johns Creek. At 1st Choice Remodel ATL, we offer end-to-end services. Whether you need advice on choosing the right tiles for your kitchen or want answers to questions related to different types of tiling options, you’ll always find us by your side. Hiring a tile installation contractor alone won’t guarantee success. You must also know a few basic rules to deal with your kitchen remodeler in Brookhaven. To help ensure smooth sailing, we, in this post, take a look at a few of these rules. Read on.

1. Don’t Disclose your Budget

When inviting bids from contractors, never disclose your budget as many unscrupulous ones would come up with a way to ensure the bid matches your budget, even if it should be lower. The rule of thumb says that you must get at least three bids. Once you receive the bids, compare the material and labor cost to arrive at an informed decision.

2. Avoid Paying the Entire Amount upfront

Many contractors will try to lure you by offering ‘heavy’ discounts if you agree to pay their entire fees upfront. In most cases, such offers are nothing more than a mirage. Many property owners fall for such offers and end up losing their hard earned money. Even if the contractor does not elope with the money, there is no guarantee they’ll do a good job. To avoid getting ripped-off, only agree to pay some money upfront as much is required to cover the necessary costs.

3. Ask for Credentials

Before hiring a contractor, check their credentials including their license. Check the validity of the license with your State License Board. If your contractor claims to carry insurance, request them to provide necessary proof. Enquire whether they are accredited by or associated with the local trade association or any other relevant body.

4. Get Everything in Writing

Ensure that the terms and agreements of the contract are a mirror image of the verbal agreement between you and the contractor. Make sure even the minutest of details are included. Do not rush into signing the contract. Take your own sweet time to go through every clause.


When working on a kitchen remodeling project in Decatur, follow the above tips to deal effectively with your tile installation contractor. To avoid bumps along the way, prefer an expert over an amateur. At 1st Choice Remodel, we follow a transparent policy. We hate hidden costs as much as you do and we will come up with ways to help you save more.

For inquiries, call at 678.640.2272. You can also fill out our contact form, and we’ll call you back shortly.

More than just a place where food is prepared, your kitchen is an area where numerous memories are cooked every day. Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to enhance your home’s appeal. When looking for a kitchen remodeling expert in Decatur, you cannot take the claims of contractors on face value. Cases of homeowners getting ripped-off by self-proclaimed experts are becoming increasingly common with every passing day. Your kitchen remodeling contractor in Johns Creek may exactly be what they claim to be; know all experts. However, it pays to play safe. Before signing on the dotted line, you must ensure your contractor is worthy of your trust. To help you achieve this objective, we in this post, impart a few tips to verify the professional. Take a look.

1. Talk to References

When you meet a kitchen remodeler in Brookhaven, remember to ask for references. After the meeting, call the references and ask questions related to the contractor’s professionalism, and the quality of workmanship. Ask them whether the project was completed on time and within the allocated budget. If possible, tour the remodeled kitchen or request the reference to mail before and after remodeling photographs.

2. Contact Local Authorities

Not every state licenses remodeling contractors. If your state does, contact your state licensing board’s office to check whether your contractor has a valid license. Enquire whether there are any complaints pending against them. Also learn about disputes, if any, have been resolved in the past. If you have an acquaintance that works in the remodeling industry or is associated with the local Union of Contractors, request them to dig up information related to the professional’s track record.

3. Check online Reviews

From ordering food to staying in touch with people who matter, you look to the Internet to accomplish a number of tasks, so why forget your trusted friend when verifying a remodeling contractor? Visit sites that rate local contractors. Go through customer reviews and complaints. Enquire whether the business is BBB-rated. To get answers to your questions, visit online discussion forums.


Hiring an experienced professional who understands your needs and the science and art behind remodeling is integral to your project’s success. In addition to these tips, talk to acquaintances who have used your contractor’s services in the past. At 1st Choice Remodel ATL, we let our work do the talking. We get all our projects insured up to $-1 million. We also offer craftsmanship warranties on our projects.

To learn more about us, call at 678.640.2272. If you want us to call you back, fill out our contact form and you’ll hear from one of our service ninjas shortly.

When you take a trip down the memory lane which memories make you smile the most? It’s often coming back to home after a long day at work and watching your kids playing on the floor. Their innocence and antics whisk away all accumulated stress for the day. Apart from providing a smooth surface to walk on your floor, it becomes a part of several cherished memories, which is why you must take good care of it. Hardwood is the first choice of many homeowners when it comes to choosing between flooring options. Remodeling contractors in Dunwoody showcase several benefits of using hardwood. Solid hardwood is versatile that can withstand stain and lasts long.

However, like everything else, hardwood comes with a fixed service life. When your existing floor looks discolored or damaged it indicates that it’s time to ask your kitchen remodeler in Dunwoody to install a new hardwood floor. To get things in place faster, you can consult hardwood floor installation experts in Dunwoody to refinish your existing floor. To help you plan better, we bring some of the must-know things you must be aware of before initiating work on your floor installation or refinishing project. Let’s have a look at some of them;

Hiring a Professional is a Necessity, not a Matter of Choice

Installing or refinishing hardwood flooring in Dunwoody is the job of an experienced individual. Taking the DIY route will often do more bad than good, and can sometimes result in losses. When looking for a professional, it is recommended to get at least three quotes. Inquire about their experience and the dust control techniques. Learn about the type of polyurethane they prefer. Before hiring a provider, contact your Contractors State License Board to ensure there are no pending claims against the company and offers worker’s compensation. If you are in Atlanta, 1st Choice Remodel ATL would be happy to help. Equipped with more than two decades of experience, we are confident about understanding your needs, however, they are unique. We provide warranties on all our jobs.

Cost Range May Vary

Remodelers often charge by the square foot. Their rate may vary depending on your location, the nature of the job, and your home’s accessibility. Expect to receive the pay in the range of $2.50-$5.25. This range may, however, double if there are no parking or limited options in your apartment.

Typical Project Length

Typical project length varies between 4-7 days depending on the complexity of the project and the type of hardwood you intend to use. Your kitchen remodeling contractor in Dunwoody would for instance, may take more time to install unfinished hardwood as compared to prefinished hardwood.

Summing Up

While hiring a contractor for hardwood floor installation or refinishing in Dunwoody, keep these things in mind. To get specialized remodeling and other tips talk to our experts at 1st Choice Remodel ATL. As, a premier remodeling contractor in Atlanta, we are committed to helping our customers achieve their project goals within the stipulated timelines.

“Home” con be the most reassuring word for any person; a place where they can be themselves without any fear of being judged. However, every building with rooms and amenities is not a home. Buildings that lack well-planned spaces and inspiring interiors are merely houses, not homes. In your journey from transforming your house into home, you need general contractors serving in Brookhaven, GA who offer experienced remodeling ideas.

When remodeling your home, what should be your key focus areas? Your exterior? Living spaces? Well, there’s no denial in the fact that these areas deserve your attention, remodeling your kitchen and bathroom must be at top priority because of the important role they play in your life. The kitchen is an area where meals are prepared for the whole family and bathroom is a place where you start your day and at the end of the day wash off accumulated stress. At 1st Choice Remodel ATL, we understand the importance of having a well-planned kitchen and bathroom in the house. The company offers one of the leading remodeling contractors in Brookhaven. They provide meaningful remodeling solutions, a personal promise made to clients while signing a contract with them.

To come up with amazing designing ideas, kitchen remodelers in Brookhaven analyze the available area. Based on their studies, they prioritize their goals. Once they have designed a blueprint in their mind, kitchen remodeling specialists in Brookhaven start working to enhance the visual appeal by replacing old facets with their designer counterparts. To enhance the space in the kitchen several kitchen remodeling companies in Brookhaven add shelves and under-shelves or may recommend installing extra cabinets and countertops. To ensure the kitchen’s flooring can withstand high traffic, many experts recommend opting for hardwood flooring in Brookhaven.

Similarly, bathroom remodeling experts in Brookhaven provide a detailed plan depending on the project goals. After designing the layout, an expert probes the possibility of having full bathrooms or powder rooms. They will also work on the lighting design and offer different overhead and ambient lighting options. While looking for opportunities to incorporate design elements, an expert remodeler will never let practicality take a backseat and come up with various ventilation ideas to ensure residents can have their moments of peace in the bathroom. To enhance storage space, many remodelers install cabinets and tower racks above the toilet.

This Remodeling Season Show Some Love to your Bathroom and Kitchen

When planning a remodeling project, pay attention to your bathroom and kitchen. To achieve your project goals, hire a professional remodeling contractor in Brookhaven who will come up with a detailed plan. At 1st Choice Remodel ATL, we are committed to helping you get your money’s worth. If you have a unique idea, share it with us, and we will make ensure it is put into action.

A basement is an important part of the house and remodeling it can make a great difference in the overall value and look of the house. There are many ways in which a basement can be re-purposed as an extra room in the house. Many people use their basements as music rooms, relaxation rooms, libraries, living rooms or guest rooms. At 1stChoiceRemodel ATL, we offer a wide range of basement remodeling services for our customers. We believe that creating the basement of your dreams is easy when you hire the services of professionals who understand all aspects of basement remodeling.

Highly Professional Basement Remodeling Services

Our team of basement remodeling professionals has extensive experience in working with basements of all sizes. Whether you want to create a relaxing or an energetic vibe in your basement, we can work according to your requirements and provide you with results that will exceed your expectations. Our team understands how different materials complement each other and how these can add to the overall look of your basement.

Top Quality Basement Remodeling

We can also work according to your budget and requirements. Our team will inspect the present state of your basement and provide a quote for basement remodeling services that will fall within your budget. We ensure that our work is top quality and our customers get the best value for their money. To learn more about our basement remodeling services, please browse through our website or give us a call at 678 6402272. We look forward to hearing from you.

Professional Painting Contractors For The Best Paint Jobs

Painting a house is a job that is best left to professionals. Remember, a paint job is something that will define the overall look of your house for years to come, so it’s better that you get it right the first time around. At 1stChoiceRemodel ATL, we offer professional painting contractor services for houses and buildings of all sizes. Our painting contractors have extensive experience in this field and they have worked for years to paint houses all over the area. We ensure that we use the best quality products for painting the house so that the job is done in the best manner the first time around.

1stChoiceRemodel ATL is a well Known Name in The Area

Through the years, we have offered our services to customers all over Atlanta and the satisfaction of our customers is the only recognition we need. There are various aspects to painting a house that can only be taken care of by professionals who understand how paint works on different surfaces and in changing weather conditions. Often there are problems or small issues that can be easily handled by the professionals involved in painting the house. We can cater to all your house painting needs. Whether you’re looking for a calm vibe in your house or an energetic and youthful look, our painting contractors will work with you to achieve the perfect look for your house.

If you’re looking for wallpaper services, then we offer those too. Simply browse through our website to learn more about our complete range of services or give us a call today at 6786402272 and our representative will guide you in the right direction.

1stChoiceRemodel – A Reputed Hardwood Flooring Company

The charm of hardwood flooring can only be known once you’ve experienced quality hardwood flooring in your house. At 1stChoiceRemodel ATL, we offer high quality hardwood flooring services that will meet and exceed your expectations. As a well known hardwood flooring company, we employ professionals who have many years of experience in installing hardwood floors in all kinds of homes. Our team uses quality materials and advanced equipment to ensure that all hardwood floors are installed in the best manner. We believe that once installed, the hardwood floors should continue to look great for years to come and our team takes great pride in the work we do for our clients.

Top Range Hardwood Flooring Services

We aim to offer our customers the best hardwood flooring services at prices that won’t burn a hole in their pocket. Our expertise in hardwood flooring allows us to work with all kinds of wood and patterns as per the requirement and budget of our customers. We ensure that we provide the best quotes for the job that needs to be done and complete the project within the given time frame. Our team works professionally and they clean up after they’re done so that you can have your home as you’d left it.

To learn more about the complete range of hardwood flooring services that we provide, please browse through our website. You can also get in touch with us through the Contact Us page or give us a call at 678 6402272 and our representative will get back to you at the earliest.

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