How to Find a Great Home Remodeling Contractor in Your Area?

Your home is an extension of your personality. To maintain the value of your property and enhance its curb appeal, you may consider getting it remodeled. Remodeling is an expert’s job. There are various factors at play. Experienced general contractors in Decatur, GA with years of experience and hands-on training know the essentials of home remodeling like the back of their hand.

One of the biggest mistakes these homeowners make is cutting corners on their contractors. The end result can be every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Amateur contractors fail to get the basics of remodeling right. Trusting an amateur can have far-reaching consequences such as serious damage to the structural integrity of different parts of your home. To ensure your home remodeling project does not end up a disaster, you need to hire an expert remodeling contractor in Atlanta.

To find a reliable contractor, you must have a discerning eye. When you are in the market looking for a remodeling contractor in Atlanta, many self-proclaimed experts will approach you claiming to be the best at what they do. Instead of taking everything a contractor says on face value, you need to observe their actions. Follow these tips to find a contractor who deserves your trust.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask your family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors who have just wrapped up a home remodeling project to provide references. You can also contact acquaintances who have got their home remodeled a few years back. Before contacting the contractor, take a tour of the remodeled property of the person who recommended the expert.

Search the Internet

From ordering food to keeping in touch with people who matter, you use the Internet to accomplish a range of tasks. Why not use it to find a bathroom remodeling expert in Decatur? Visit websites of contractors from your area. Join online forums that discuss remodeling contractors in your city. Visit sites that provide customers with independent, third-party reviews. When evaluating a contractor, check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau and status with home construction and renovation trade organizations.

Review Past Jobs

Review photo galleries of their recent projects on their website or social media pages. Talk to references provided by contractors. Ask them how likely are they to recommend the expert. Request that they provide before and after pictures of the remodeled property. If you are able to take an in-person tour of the property, do so. Ask reference questions related to the contractor’s professionalism.

Finding the right remodeling contractor can seem complicated. All you need to do is get these basics right. Whether you want to get just your bathroom, your kitchen, or the entire property remodeled, 1st Choice Remodel has you covered. No matter the scope and complexity of your project, you can bank on our team of bathroom remodeling experts in Atlanta to deliver. To discuss your requirements, call us at 678.640.2272.

Are you thinking about hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor in Atlanta to redesign your home kitchen? Well, kitchen remodeling is a big undertaking that requires careful planning with proper involvement.

It doesn’t really matter whether you own a large, well-furnished kitchen or a small-sized kitchen with most of the amenities, unless and until your home kitchen is functional and efficient. You can have the greatest kitchen innovations, but the absence of a functional kitchen design can make everything meaningless.

Your home kitchen serves various purposes, and hence, it’s imperative that you choose the right design and elements to transform your cooking area into a more functional space. Further listed are the six essential elements that you can consider for your kitchen remodeling plans in order to create a functional masterpiece.

    • Kitchen Floor Plan – In order to make the most out of your kitchen space, it is imperative that you consider all crucial aspects of your kitchen design. You can contact kitchen remodeling specialists to choose the right type of floor plan and cabinetry for your kitchen, and it will eventually help you to design a perfectly functional cooking space.


    • Storage – Always make sure that your kitchen has adequate storage space to place most of the items within your reach. You can either plan to install a recycling centre or a broom closet in your kitchen area. Including a real pantry to your home kitchen design is also a great idea.


    • Floor Covering – This is another crucial element to consider when it comes to kitchen remodeling. In order to design a fully-functional kitchen, you must opt for floor coverings that are resistant and easy-to-clean. You can either consider installing tiles or choose to go with contemporary floor coverings like bamboo and hardwood floors. Visiting kitchen centres and comparing different floor covering options is also a great idea.


    • Kitchen Triangle – A functional kitchen incorporates the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink in such a position that eventually makes them within reach of each other and easily accessible. Therefore, make sure to visualize your kitchen triangle, and rearrange it in the right way to add up to the overall functionality of your home kitchen.


    • Seating Arrangement – The right seating arrangement in your kitchen area will not only save your steps but also offer you quick and easy access to things you need. You can easily contact the professional and certified kitchen remodeling contractors in your area to seek some valuable suggestions regarding your home kitchen’s seating arrangement.


    • Lighting – This is another crucial element that you must consider for your next kitchen remodeling plans. Besides the ceiling fixtures that lighten the entire kitchen, you can consider installing cupboard lighting and sink lighting for optimal performance.


Apart from these six crucial kitchen-remodeling elements, there could be many more elements to consider while designing a functional kitchen. You can also consider consulting the professional kitchen design experts like 1st Choice Remodel ATL before starting with your kitchen remodeling plan in order to get desired results.

Being able to land the perfect remodeling contractors in Atlanta is one of the most difficult tasks you have in hand. Home remodeling is one of the most common practices, and for the perfect execution of these kinds of projects, it is required to hire only those remodelers who understand your demands and work best to bring your vision into reality.

Why Choose a Reliable Home Remodeling Contractor?

You would probably agree with the fact that the right home remodeler can dictate the overall success or failure of your home remodeling project. Those with greater experience and an extensive client list are likely to deliver optimum quality work. In contrast, a remodeler with inadequate experience might turn your home into a mess. Therefore, you can understand the importance of selecting only the right home remodeling contractor.

But, wait a minute, how do you choose the right remodeling contractor?

Let’s dig deep, and figure out the factors that you should keep in mind before setting out for selecting a state-of-the-art home remodeling contractor.

Ask For Bids

Remember that the entire home remodeling process consists of a wide list of functions. This means that the remodeler would require inspecting your living area, and making several calculations that would enable him to bring the perfect change through remodeling. However, one of the common mistakes that homeowners make while hiring a home remodeling contractor is that they stick with only one company at a time.

It is a given that each company is different than the other, and no matter how simple the work might look like, the cost for getting things done can differ drastically among these service providers. To ensure that you don’t end up paying too much money, make sure that you contact multiple contractors at a time, and ask for quotes. With more than 3-4 companies offering bids for your project, you are very likely to save money.

Ask For Suggestions

There are instances when recommendations from friends and family prove to be extremely valuable. Have you been into a situation where you needed a valuable suggestion, and that made you seek assistance from one of your family members? If that has been the case, it is a given that your close ones would like to help you in all manners.

When in need of a reliable home remodeling contractor, always look for the one that has proved beneficial for your known ones. The chances are high that the remodeling contractor, who did a fantastic job while working on your cousin’s project, would also offer ultimate dedication during your new remodeling assignment.

At 1st Choice Remodel, we strive to offer premium home remodeling service. Consider contacting us right away!

Are you currently looking for kitchen remodelers in Atlanta? If yes, you must have an extensive plan for attaining that new look for your kitchen! Most people agree to the fact that without a clean kitchen, no one gets the perfect peace of mind.

If you want to attract some prospective buyers who would be interested in investing in your property, consider going through our article. Let’s dive into the latest trends of 2019 that would transform your ordinary kitchen into an epitome of lavish living.

Smart storage for your cooking space

Opting for some extensive storage space is the most intelligent thing to do when you are looking to transform the appearance of your kitchen space. The latest trends show us several clever integration techniques that allow you to keep your over-capacitated items into concealed kitchen storage facilities.

If you are not sure where to start, you must connect with one of the leading kitchen remodelers in your area. They would present in front of you a vast catalog of suitable integration products.

Gunmetal and pewter hardware parts for the beautification of your kitchen

The latest trend when it comes to remodeling your kitchen space involves the installation of hardware made of gunmetal and pewter. This particular style is trending all over the globe. In case you wish to add some essence of vintage and classic design into your kitchen area, consider investing in some great pieces of gunmetal and pewter hardware products.

What makes gunmetal and pewter products differ from most hard metal items such as brass, iron, gold, etc. is the ability of gunmetal to add some considerable texture and depth to the decorated area.

Choosing open shelves over traditional cabinets

If your kitchen is filled with metal cabinets, consider getting them replaced with open shelves. This particular feature is currently trending around the globe. This particular design is exceptionally great since they add some quotient of style and freedom along with boldness to the overall kitchen area.

Not sure where to start? You might want to contact only the best kitchen remodeler in your area. Consider hiring a company that understands your needs, and pays attention to your desires. For instance, you might contact 1st Choice Remodel ATL. They might be offering all that you have been looking for regarding your kitchen remodeling process. Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE on your next Kitchen or bathroom remodeling project in Atlanta.  We have been rated as one of the best interior remodelers in Atlanta.  We will be the choice that you’ll never regret.

Remodeling a small kitchen is no child’s play. Kitchen remodeling contractors in Atlanta working on small kitchen renovation projects need to come up with ideas that not only help save space but also improve the kitchen’s aesthetic. Whether you are a kitchen remodeler in Atlanta or a homeowner working on a small kitchen remodeling project, follow the below time tested remodeling tips to transform any ordinary, small kitchen into a dream kitchen.

1. Use Only Necessary Appliances and Items

Using more appliances than needed not only prevents you from making the best use of the available space but also lends a cluttered look to the area. When deciding which appliances you do not need, focus on function, thinking strictly from a utility point of view. Replace conventional appliances with their innovative counterparts such as pint-sized microwaves and stoves with fewer burners. Look for small-scale islands and counter-topped carts that can be rolled away when not in use.

2. Pay Attention to Lighting

When choosing to light for your kitchen, maintain a balance between task and atmospheric lighting. To make your area seem bigger, install incandescent lighting underneath your upper cabinets. To enhance the area’s visual appeal, use lighting in flooring. Use lighting that glows like starlight up from the floor. You can also install lighting at your base cabinetry.

3. Use Colors to Create Magic

To make your kitchen seem bigger, color your walls, appliances, and counters in pastel or light colors that reflect light, making the room seem taller. If you want to experiment, use bold colorations that are known to transform boring spaces into inspiring areas.

Follow these tips when renovating your small kitchen. Whether you have a simple renovation job or are working on a complex project, remember to consult an expert. 1st Choice Remodel ATL offers a range of kitchen remodeling services in Atlanta. If you have a problem, we will have a solution. To talk to our remodeling experts, call at 678.640.2272. To leave us a line, fill out our contact form.

“Home” con be the most reassuring word for any person; a place where they can be themselves without any fear of being judged. However, every building with rooms and amenities is not a home. Buildings that lack well-planned spaces and inspiring interiors are merely houses, not homes. In your journey from transforming your house into home, you need general contractors serving in Brookhaven, GA who offer experienced remodeling ideas.

When remodeling your home, what should be your key focus areas? Your exterior? Living spaces? Well, there’s no denial in the fact that these areas deserve your attention, remodeling your kitchen and bathroom must be at top priority because of the important role they play in your life. The kitchen is an area where meals are prepared for the whole family and bathroom is a place where you start your day and at the end of the day wash off accumulated stress. At 1st Choice Remodel ATL, we understand the importance of having a well-planned kitchen and bathroom in the house. The company offers one of the leading remodeling contractors in Brookhaven. They provide meaningful remodeling solutions, a personal promise made to clients while signing a contract with them.

To come up with amazing designing ideas, kitchen remodelers in Brookhaven analyze the available area. Based on their studies, they prioritize their goals. Once they have designed a blueprint in their mind, kitchen remodeling specialists in Brookhaven start working to enhance the visual appeal by replacing old facets with their designer counterparts. To enhance the space in the kitchen several kitchen remodeling companies in Brookhaven add shelves and under-shelves or may recommend installing extra cabinets and countertops. To ensure the kitchen’s flooring can withstand high traffic, many experts recommend opting for hardwood flooring in Brookhaven.

Similarly, bathroom remodeling experts in Brookhaven provide a detailed plan depending on the project goals. After designing the layout, an expert probes the possibility of having full bathrooms or powder rooms. They will also work on the lighting design and offer different overhead and ambient lighting options. While looking for opportunities to incorporate design elements, an expert remodeler will never let practicality take a backseat and come up with various ventilation ideas to ensure residents can have their moments of peace in the bathroom. To enhance storage space, many remodelers install cabinets and tower racks above the toilet.

This Remodeling Season Show Some Love to your Bathroom and Kitchen

When planning a remodeling project, pay attention to your bathroom and kitchen. To achieve your project goals, hire a professional remodeling contractor in Brookhaven who will come up with a detailed plan. At 1st Choice Remodel ATL, we are committed to helping you get your money’s worth. If you have a unique idea, share it with us, and we will make ensure it is put into action.

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