Essential Improvements for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling is a time-consuming process that needs proper planning, and this is why you would need professional services like kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Atlanta for a successful and desired bathroom remodel.

A renovated bathroom not only adds to the overall value of your home and its visual appeal but also improves its functionality by introducing essential improvements, creating more storage space, and maximizing free space.

So, if you’re planning to spend money on your next bathroom remodel this year, you must focus on making certain essential improvements to enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics of your bathrooms alongside getting the best possible investment returns.

Further listed are certain essential improvements that you can consider for your next bathroom remodel.

Low-flow, Hidden Tank Toilets: Hidden tank toilets offer several benefits. If you want to remodel your small bathroom for saving water and space, you can simply opt for low-flow hidden tank cistern toilets. This smart choice will not only enhance the overall functionality of your bathroom but will also match well with the existing décor style of your contemporary bathroom.

However, make sure you maintain these hidden tank toilets from time to time in order to ensure their proper inner functioning.

Small, Quality Textured Tiles on Shower Floor: Shower floor tiling is one of the most essential safety improvements to consider during your next bathroom remodel. Nowadays, the market is flooded with a wide range of wall tiles and flooring tiles choices, and you can choose small-sized and well-textured flooring tiles for your shower.

The high-quality texture and extra grouting of shower flooring tiles will eventually prevent your feet from slipping in case of the wet or soapy shower floor. You can either opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles or consider mixing different colours and patterns for the utmost visual impact.

Install a Shower Window: Humidity is one of the biggest enemies of a clean bathroom that gets trapped due to insufficient or bad ventilation. However, natural ventilation can eventually keep your bathrooms clean, and free from mildew and moulds.

This is why you must consider installing a small shower window to allow natural ventilation to your bathrooms. A shower window can really make a big difference in your new bathroom by purging humidity and allowing some natural light to enter in.

Use 2-inch Plumbing Drain Pipes: This small improvement can actually make a big difference in the overall functionality of your bathroom. Typically, PVC plastic pipes of ½ inch or ¼ inch diameter, that tend to clog easily, are used in bathrooms. However, installing a 2-inch plumbing pipe will dramatically enhance the drainage in your bathroom, and give you the best value for your investment.

These are some of the essential improvements that you must consider for your next bathroom remodel in order to make it more functional, stylish, and efficient. You can also take the help of professional services that are offered by 1st Choice Remodel ATL for improving your bathroom space in the desired manner.

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