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1st Choice Remodel ATL is Atlanta's premier remodeling company based in Atlanta, GA.

1st Choice Remodel ATL is a leading remodeler in Atlanta. Our team consists of expert remodelers – professionals driven by a passion to excel. The day 1st Choice Remodel ATL was incorporated, we embarked on a never-ending journey to excellence. We push a little harder every day to achieve professional goals and accomplish exceptional results. Our work speaks for itself. Over the years, we have successfully upgraded numerous homes. For us, remodeling a home means more than just improving its aesthetic appeal. We incorporate vital elements into our remodeling plans to add character to homes.

When remodeling your home, upgrading your kitchen should top your priority list. Your kitchen is more than just a place where food is prepared. Several priceless memories are created in the kitchen every day. A clutter-free and organized kitchen is one less thing to worry about. To improve the look and functionality of your kitchen, consider installing new cabinets or replacing your old cabinets with new ones.

Why Use Custom Cabinets?

There are more benefits of getting custom cabinets installed in Atlanta than you could imagine. Unlike stock cabinets that may fit the needs of some (but not all) people, custom cabinets are tailor-made to fit your lifestyle, design and storage preferences, and cooking habits. You get to choose materials to be used to craft your cabinets. Want to reduce your carbon footprints? Pick sustainable materials.

Custom cabinets are intricately and exquisitely crafted. Intricate joints, mortise and tenons, or dowels used to piece custom cabinets together are designed to ensure superior durability and longevity.

Custom cabinets in Atlanta are built with the highest level of craftsmanship. They usually last longer than stock cabinets, which means you save more in the long run. Whether you prefer a traditional look or something contemporary, a custom cabinet will liven up your kitchen. Custom cabinets such as rotating shelves and pull-out drawers score high when it comes to functionality. They are designed to help achieve optimal space utilization, which is the key to decluttering kitchen areas.

How Can We Help?

Opting for custom cabinets in Atlanta is just the first step towards enjoying a beautiful kitchen. You also need to ensure that they are installed accurately. We build and install custom cabinets. Our craftsmen have mastered the art of designing cabinets that combine old-world charm and modern sensibilities. Our team has ample experience of installing custom cabinets. We take various precautions and plan every project in advance to avoid installation errors. You can rest assured that your convenience will be of paramount importance. Our experts will take various steps to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Have your heart set on custom cabinets and want to get them installed in your kitchen? We are here to help! Consult our experts who will help you determine the style of kitchen cabinetry that complements your kitchen layout.

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