Tips To Deal With Your Tile Installation Contractors

Tiles are one of the most noticeable things about your kitchen. Shining and colorful tiles add to a kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, helping you earn accolades from your guests. Tiles are subjected to abuse on a regular basis. Smoke from the stove and dirt and grime rob tiles of their natural luster and shine. When remodeling your kitchen, replacing the tiles must top your agenda list. A kitchen remodeling project in Decatur is incomplete without replacing tiles. To ensure everything goes according to the plan, you must look for a kitchen remodeling contractor in Johns Creek. At 1st Choice Remodel ATL, we offer end-to-end services. Whether you need advice on choosing the right tiles for your kitchen or want answers to questions related to different types of tiling options, you’ll always find us by your side. Hiring a tile installation contractor alone won’t guarantee success. You must also know a few basic rules to deal with your kitchen remodeler in Brookhaven. To help ensure smooth sailing, we, in this post, take a look at a few of these rules. Read on.

1. Don’t Disclose your Budget

When inviting bids from contractors, never disclose your budget as many unscrupulous ones would come up with a way to ensure the bid matches your budget, even if it should be lower. The rule of thumb says that you must get at least three bids. Once you receive the bids, compare the material and labor cost to arrive at an informed decision.

2. Avoid Paying the Entire Amount upfront

Many contractors will try to lure you by offering ‘heavy’ discounts if you agree to pay their entire fees upfront. In most cases, such offers are nothing more than a mirage. Many property owners fall for such offers and end up losing their hard-earned money. Even if the contractor does not elope with the money, there is no guarantee they’ll do a good job. To avoid getting ripped-off, only agree to pay some money upfront as much is required to cover the necessary costs.

3. Ask for Credentials

Before hiring a contractor, check their credentials including their license. Check the validity of the license with your State License Board. If your contractor claims to carry insurance, request them to provide the necessary proof. Enquire whether they are accredited by or associated with the local trade association or any other relevant body.

4. Get Everything in Writing

Ensure that the terms and agreements of the contract are a mirror image of the verbal agreement between you and the contractor. Make sure even the minutest of details are included. Do not rush into signing the contract. Take your own sweet time to go through every clause.


When working on a kitchen remodeling project in Decatur, follow the above tips to deal effectively with your tile installation contractor. To avoid bumps along the way, prefer an expert over an amateur. At 1st Choice Remodel, we follow a transparent policy. We hate hidden costs as much as you do and we will come up with ways to help you save more.

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